1. What Bluelight is?

Bluelight is one of the first new age GameFi projects in a really fun setting. Bluelight is a free-to-play startup simulator in a virtual Silicon Valley that is a mix of business tycoon and challenging collectible card game mechanics with GameFi opportunities. The lore of the game is based on the universe of the Take My Muffin animation series, the first cartoon that was funded entirely by its crypto community.

2. How to play in Bluelight.inc?

You need to do just a few clicks to start playing Bluelight:

  • visit the website Bluelight.inc
  • fill in the subscription form on our website
  • check your inbox for a private link to access the game in Closed Alpha stage
  • click the link and create your account using your email and web3 wallet
  • enjoy the Closed Alpha Version of Bluelight.inc

3. On what platforms will the Bluelight game be available?

As for the game itself, it will work in a web browser first, and then we plan to release stand-alone clients for multiple platforms as well, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

4. Is it really a free-to-play game based on blockchain technologies?

Absolutely, Bluelight is a cross-platform free-to-play game available for everybody without need to buy any NFTs to start playing.

5. What is Bluelight’s game genre?

Bluelight is an economic simulator of startup development with a mix of business tycoon and collectible card game mechanics.

6. What kind of game modes are there in Bluelight?

The main game mode is a single-player mode, where the players complete projects on their own, using a staff of their own startup. Also, there will be different events that would use alternative game modes involving two players: they will compete while working on the same project together, one may call this mode PvPvE.

7. Do I need to buy any crypto assets to start playing the game?

No, to start playing the game, you just need to click “Game” and create your account by following the instructions.

8. What is San Crypto city?

San Crypto city is a virtual city in the Bluelight universe, full of players from all around the World.

9. What is $KALE?

$KALE is a cross-chain token and Bluelight’s special in-game currency. Players earn and spend $KALE tokens in the game and on the official game marketplace. $KALE is a cross-chain ERC-20 / BEP-20 fungible token. The Token has been issued on the Ethereum blockchain, but can be easily transferred to BNB Chain and back. The main gameplay and token spend/earnings will take place on BNB blockchain. This gives plenty of benefits to players, including fast and cheap transactions, accessibility and stability.
Full description of the token is available here.

10. Where is $KALE available to buy?

Currently, $KALE is available to buy on Cryptology CEX via this link.

11. How much $KALE will there be circulating in total?

The maximum supply of tokens will not exceed 10,000,000,000 $KALE. The tokens are planned to be allocated and released on a predetermined schedule, available here.

12. Is $KALE a stablecoin?

No, $KALE is not designed to be a stablecoin. The valuation of $KALE can change based on supply and demand for it, as well as other market factors.

13. How can I add the $KALE to my web3 wallet?

Easy way.
Search the $KALE token by the name in your web3 wallet using the “Import tokens“ menu and add it.
If it doesn’t work properly switch to the Advanced option.

Advanced option.
To see your $KALE tokens and NFTs in your MetaMask wallet, you may need to manually add the
token to it. It’s effortless and will take a minute or less to complete, even for those new to cryptocurrency.

Step one: Select the network
Select the suitable network (Ethereum or BSC) to add your tokens.

Step two: Import tokens
Open your MetaMask wallet and scroll to the bottom. Click the "Import Tokens" button.

Step three: Add a custom token
Click the "Custom Token" tab and paste the correct token address into the "Token Contract Address" box: 0x508626d9a29D13EbA26F843A2BD7bF7b00a45be5

Step four: Token added
Click the "Add Custom Token" button. And then finally the "Import Tokens" button to confirm.


14. What are the use cases of NFTs in Bluelight?

Several types of NFTs in our game are:

  • Land
  • Building / Blueprint of the building
  • Characters
  • Office stuff
  • Unicorn card

Land allows players to place a building on it. It may be an office building, a factory or just a house. Players run their startup in the office, so a bigger office means you can accommodate a larger team, which results in bigger earnings because you can complete more complex projects.

All kinds of in-game NFTs are coming in 5 rarity types. For example, lands rarity defines the size of the building you can place on it, and gives boosts in gameplay, leading to easier and bigger earns. In terms of size, most parcels are equal, except unique ones. If a player has two adjacent parcels, they can build one large building standing on both of them as well. Landowners will be able to rent out land and offices to other players for a rev share or a fixed price.

15. Do I need $KALE to buy NFTs?

$KALE provides you the ability to buy in-game assets and mint them on the blockchain. To start playing the game, you don’t need to buy any crypto or NFT - there is quite a big free-to-play part of the game. $KALE will be used as the native currency for the game marketplace. Though, it is possible to use another currency to buy/sell NFTs on secondary marketplaces.

16. What benefits do I get from more expensive NFTs?

More expensive NFTs provide you with more benefits within the game: a larger plot and office, a larger team, access to more complex and profitable projects, more buffs from the cards etc.

17. When will I have access to the game?

The next stage of the project is Closed Alpha on the BNB testnet. It will be available for the project’s team, partners and whitelisted members of our community. To apply for the Closed Alpha event, fill in the subscription form on Bluelight.inc.