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Welcome to the virtual Silicon Valley

Hey folks, we are thrilled to see you here - in the first ever virtual Silicon Valley. Where everyone is a teammate of the craziest innovative startup which was born in a simple garage, where robots work side by side with dragons and walking potatoes. The metaverse where you can start from zero and become a monopolist.

This is San Crypto - the Cradle
of unicorn startups.

Enjoy huge free-to-play
World of San Crypto

Start your breathtaking journey in just one click
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Build up your team

Collect unique character cards to deliver projects of any complexity, use different strategies on the way to success, and grow your business as fast as possible

use a coworking space,
rent or buy land

Any startup begins with a place: an office, a plot of land, a garage, etc. In San Crypto city there are lots of possibilities to launch your startup (even for free):

  • Launch your project for free in the San Crypto’s coworking offices and cut off the money bags players by your creativity and strategy
  • Rent the lands for your own virtual startup and organise the space in your unique style
  • Buy the lands, use it as you wish and become the landlord

From garage to skyscraper

Choose the optimal office size for you startup in virtual Silicon Valley as in the real World: keep in mind the growth of the team and business, maintenance prices, electricity costs etc.